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Finishing IronerNew mechanical features, highly efficient, maximum flexibility, optimum control

In response to the needs of the marketplace, the laundry sector has had to adapt itself to the demands of its customers: new fabrics, new processes, new production needs, sanitary demands in hospitals, etc.

GIRBAU has developed a machine capable of responding to all of today's demands and adapt to the future demands of the market.

The modular system of the TBS-50 batch washer allows it to adapt to all types of installations (hotels, hospital, industrial laundries, etc.). Its versatility and flexibility converts the TBS-50 batch washer into an investment for the present and the future.

GIRBAU invites you to discover the difference.

TBS-50 Batch Washer

New mechanical Features

  • Accurate design of all components

  • Simple and rugged design for a rigid, stable and long lasting machine
  • Support bearings at inlet and outlet openings, located away from the wash bath

  • Forward positioned motor drive, sprocket and crown, having no contact with the wash bath

  • Inverter controlled motor

  • Minimal installation requirements, saving time and money.

TBS-50 Batch Washer

Highly Efficient

  • Centre transfer of goods

  • Maximum diameter on transfer opening

  • Important mechanical action through the 7 wash beaters on each drum

  • Total bath separation by double seal between each module

  • Direct heating on each washing module with built-in silencer

  • 4 Separate dosing inlets for each module

  • Minimum effect in the natural environment

Maximum Flexibility

  • Each module incorporates both an inner and outer drum, loading capacity 50Kg linen (ratio 1:45)

  • Totally external flow or counter-flow baths

  • Each module can be provided with: 1 weir box, 1 level sensor, 1 temperature probe, 1 heating system, 4 product inlets, 2 water inlets, 2 drains, 2 ducts and 2 recirculation pumps

  • Adjustment and control of the individual wash baths and its levels

  • Each module is fitted with a temperature probe

TBS-50 Batch Washer

Optimum control

  • 99 Washing programmes and 999 customer codes

  • PC in central board away from the batch washer, incorporating an efficient output control

  • Display and control in real time of all batches in process, each bath temperature and the different dosings

  • Alarms and messages on display, with complete protection against wrong operation and entry of incorrect parameters

  • Up to 9 auxiliary internal programmes for working situations without PC

The design of the TBS-50 batch washer ensures conformity with the most demanding world standards in terms of safety and it is provided with the CE (Europe) certification.

TBS-50 Batch Washer

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