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Finishing IronerExcellent drying process: Maximum output and efficiency, low energy consumption..

The ST-100 batch dryer has been designed for the complete separating, conditioning, and drying of laundry and textile products.

Loading capacity 100 kg (220 lbs.) dry linen (ratio 1:25)

ST-100 Batch Dryer

Sturdy and simple
The simplicity of its design and the sturdiness of its construction makes for maximum durability with low maintenance.

The chassis is constructed with steel sides finished with high resistant epoxy paint. All the materials which come in contact with the laundry are made of AISI 304 stainless steel.

The large robust drum is supported by a set of guide wheels which give it a precise and silent operation, allowing for rotation reversals in both directions.

ST-100 Batch Dryer

The SPIROTILT-GIRBAU system is the only one to unload without tilting and with the fan stopped.

The ST-100 dryer has the SPIROTILT-GIRBAU a revolutionary system which optimizes the drying process and facilitates the unloading of the laundry.

With the slight drum inclination of only 2.5º and the incorporation of inclined blades, the best drying process is obtained along with the best unloading system.

The SPIROTILT-GIRBAU system converts the ST-100 dryer into the one which most respects the environment. It avoids the unnecessary operation of the fan, with an important energy savings and without bringing lint into the air.

Working conditions are considerably improved in an environment without lint which brings great benefits to the health of employees.

Heating systems:

  • Steam

  • Hot Oil

  • Gas

Flexible programming
The ST-100 dryer has 16 different drying programs. Each program includes 8 phases.

The design of the ST-100 dryer ensures conformity with the most demanding world standards in terms of safety and it is provided with the CE (Europe) certification.

A wide range of options:

  • Automatic cleaning of the lint filter

  • Thermostatic Sprinkler

  • Teflon covering of the drum interior

  • Cool-down cycle and temperature control

  • Pedestals according to the necessary height

ST-100 Batch Dryer

Pass-through ST-100A Dryer
GIRBAU ST-100A pass-through dryer incorporates an inclined loading conveyor, which permits the machine to function in a totally independent manner.

The ST-100A is prepared in a way to be easily adapted in the future to an installation with the TBS BATCH WASHER SYSTEM.s

ST-100 Batch Dryer



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