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Finishing IronerSuitable for pressing linen batches from a batch washer.

Loading capacity 50 kg (110 lbs.).

Versatile, simple and reliable operation.

Optimal extraction press for high productivity and efficiency.

All parts in contact with the linen are in superior grade AISI-304 stainless steel.

SPR-50 Single Stage Water Extraction Press

Multiple pressures
Highly efficient oil dynamic circuit permits pressing between 6 to 35 bar.

The press forms a round cake with a flat base. With high capacity drainage facilities, a quick, gentle and excellent extraction of water is achieved for all types of linen.

The SPR-50 single stage press is available in three different positioning options at the batch washer outlet:

  • in-line version

  • turns to right version

  • turns to left version

SPR-50 Single Stage Water Extraction Press

Easy Installation and low maintenance
The SPR-50 water extraction press is delivered completely assembled and factory tested which facilitates problem free installation.

Most of the SPR-50 press electrical components are the same as those used in TBS-50 batch washer and ST-100 batch dryer and are inter-changeable facilitating easy and convenient service.

SPR-50 Single Stage Water Extraction Press

The highest safety level
The design of the press ensures conformity with the most demanding world standards in terms of safety.


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