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6110Girbau washer extractors are constructed to help extend the life of the machine. Maintenance free, no need for lubrication, elimination of dead time, all components easy to replace and heavy-duty construction of our machines, these are more of our many profitable and cost saving factors.

The HS-6110 is an advanced 122kg machine, the natural sucessor to the well known and respected 4 series machine.

Advanced control features in the form of the optional INTELI programming unit. Offering 20 pre-set programmes, and 79 user programmable almost every factor of the wash process can be controlled making it suitable for specialist processes such as wet cleaning. Programmes can be stored on a "credit card" style memory card and transferred between machines. Programmes can be individually named and if required stored on a seperate PC. All INTELI style machines have full interchangeability of programmes.

G-Drive the unique Girbau drive control system allows optimal tratment for each type of fabric. The system offers:

Muiltiple roatation speeds with a single motor
Speed and washing sequences tailored for all fabric types
Optimal control of the spiin cycle ensuring maximum dryness without damage
Industry leading energy savings
Automated out of balance load adjustment
Significant reduction in noise, vibration and associated fatigue of components leading to longer trouble free machine life.

A hot and cold water mixing system that offers precision mixing elimininating problems associated with poor temperature control.

The HS-6110 a perfect machine for commercial and industrial laundry operations. It is available configured for steam operation, and with optional extra water inlet and drain ports for water re-cycling or specialist requirements. The HS-6110 is the perfect machine for the busy commercial and industrial laundry that requires a highly efficient machine, with industry leading reliability.

Also available is the TILT option allowing easy loading and unloading of the machine.



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