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6 MS Series, experience and innovation..

To provide their clients with washers with the best washability and offer proprietors the best quality wash, profitability, productivity and a simple and easy form of management. This has been the leitmotif which has led Girbau to develop the 6 series.

The 6 MS series, requires bolting down, reach speeds up to 600 rpm and are available in the following capacities: 10kg (MS-610), 13kg (MS-613), 17kg (MS-617) and 23kg (MS-623).

6 MS Series Washer Extractors

The best washability in the market
Girbau started from the basis that if each of the factors influencing the wash process was improved (mechanical action, chemical action, time and temperature) together with an efficiently managed water supply they would have the washers with the best washability on the market. Added to this challenge was that of designing the most productive, profitable, robust, easy to use, ergonomic and eco-friendly machines.

The most important features on the 6 series directly related to washability (Sinner diagram) are:

Mechanical action

  • The ratio between the depth and the diameter in the series 6 washing machine drum guarantees optimum mechanical action

  • Girbau has made a study of peripheral speeds seeking the optimum speed with regard to the movement of the blades which agitate the washing. Thus achieving the best mechanical action possible to assure the maximum amount of dirt is removed

  • Aquafall system (perforated blades): a number of large exterior holes on the rear side of the blades next to the rotating drum produce a pumping action and generate a deluge of water as each blade passes. The waterwheel effect permits the intake of additional water and improves rinsing


  • The new washers incorporate the Aquamixer system, a hot and cold water mixer. This enables the required water temperature to be reached both quickly and accurately (+/- 2°C)


  • The new controls Coin (for coin-op), Logi (for OPL) enable the wash programmes to be adapted in terms of users needs, achieving faster and more appropriate processes for the type of fabric being treated

  • The spin cycle finished, all the 6 series washers, apart from the 13kg model, have an immediate brake and door opening, eliminating pointless waiting time and improving productivity

Chemical action:

  • Chemical products don’t come into direct contact with the laundry but are previously diluted in a dispenser. The previous dilution process ensures that the laundry receives careful treatment

  • The arrangement of the compartments in the dispenser logically follows the wash process, avoiding confusion

  • The MS 6 series washers incorporate 4 external dosings

  • Ozone: all the 6 series machines are suitably equipped to work with ozone processes, requesting the Viton seal option

The four previous factors require an efficiently managed water supply as a dilution agent. Girbau has optimised the use of water by means of:

  • The least possible distance between the inner and outer drums: provides considerable soaking capacity with relatively small water levels

  • The absence of heaters chambers: avoids unnecessary volumes of water at each filling

  • Drain next to the outer drum on the static part: minimises the volume of water between the outer drum and the drain and avoids any damage to the valve caused by vibrations

  • Needing less water directly corresponds to reduced detergent consumption for the same concentrations, reduced thermal energy consumption for the same temperatures and reduced filling time

  • In addition, Girbau’s GDrive (complete acceleration, speed and out-of-balance control) represents a great saving on motor energy

  • 6 MS Series Washer Extractors

Ergonomics and Ecology
This optimisation of resources used in the wash process makes the 6 series washers the most environmentally friendly. All the materials used in the fabrication of the washers are recyclable.

The 6 series washers have also been designed with the same robustness as Girbau’s 4000 series, well-known for its excellent durability and resistance.

The 6 series prototypes have passed all the life tests they have been submitted to (for example, they have exceeded more than 40 million wash cycles).

The ergonomics have also been taken into account.

The reduced depth of the drum makes unloading easier.

    6 MS Series Washer Extractors

Controls for coin-operated, OPL and professional processes
The MS 6 series is available with two control versions that allow you to respond to any washing need.

COIN: For coin-op establishments. It has 4 individually modifiable programs. Pay system with coins or tokens. The clock option allows you to program prices according to the time of day and program.

LOGI: For OPL. It has 8 individually modifiable programs. The clock option allows you to program the desired start time. It has a crease-guard mode, selectable gradual cool-down and failure check and message alarm system.

    6 MS Series Washer Extractors


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