Drying Cabinets

The alternative drying system that's gentle to your clothes

Drying Cabinets are available in wall mounted and floor standing
variations for commercial and domestic applications:

Are you unhappy with the way tumble dryers seem to wear out your clothes - check out the lint screen! - and how there's never quite enough room inside the drum to dry what you need, when you need it? Are you limited for hanging space after every washload, with the result that your kitchen or bathroom resembles an old fashioned laundry? Or if you live in a modern house, perhaps you miss having an airing cupboard!

Imported under licence, the PEKO Drying Cabinet offers a revolutionary new answer to household drying problems. An electrically heated cabinet for clothes and textiles, it's ideal for applications where the tumble drying of delicate fabrics is not recommended. With plenty of space for hanging everything from sheets and towels to small items like socks or underwear, it acts as a combined airing and storage cupboard, while retaining the sleek utility looks of a wardrobe or stand-up freezer. It is particularly suitable for drying sportswear, trainers, shoes, boots, outdoor and wet weather clothing.

Available in several sizes to suit different applications, the PEKO Drying Cabinet works by ducting warm air down onto the clothes from a heating console at the top of the unit. To save energy, the exhaust ducting incorporates a heat-saving recirculation system.

PEKO have been distributing drying cabinets in since 1985, mainly to the commercial sector. They have proved to be very popular with construction companies, the police force, fire, ambulance and offshore rescue services, the army, airport handling services, theatres, sports and leisure clubs and many other applications where there is a need to regularly dry outdoor clothing and workwear without necessarily washing garments every time (climate change seems to bring with it much wet weather these days).


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